5 reasons why law firms are switching from LEAP to Hybrid Legal CRM

You will find regular updates in respect to our Hybrid platforms including new features and what we look to bring in. If you would like support, help on how to use our systems, wish to raise a ticket with our technical team or wish to view our knowledge centre, please go to https://www.support.techics.com.

We can migrate your data from other platforms for a set cost and it would depend on the number of data your system holds.

Please email us details of your platform & the number of matters you intend to move, so we can give you rough costs to do the migration. 

Depending on your current provider, we will advise you of the costs and the migration process. 

As a lawyer, your time is precious, so our platform helps you stay informed and organised. Hybrid Legal lets you get along with matters that are important. 

By using our platform, you would be saving around 10-13 hours a week on average. This is because you would be able to do the following:

  1. Organise your time, complete tasks that are urgent and manage your time through our interactive calendar system.
  2. Automate and send emails to your Clients. 
  3. Bill for your time. Use our automated time tracker, so it let's you calculate the time spent on a matter, phone call or email.
  4. Store documents and share access with permission levels.

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