Keeping Your Data Safe with Us on Our Hybrid Legal CRM

At Tech ICS, we value our customer questions and feedback in relation to our Hybrid Legal CRM. We know how important data security is and keeping your customer data secure is very important to us & you. For this reason, use legal client relationship management software for lawyers and keep your data safe with us on our Hybrid legal CRM.

How does Hybrid legal CRM software safe your data?

Legal CRM software is a crucial piece for law firms. Legal CRM software is more secure in safe law firm customer data. There are many legal CRM software, but they work almost the same process, whereas Hybrid legal CRM is effective for the law firm and safe data securely and technically. Hybrid legal CRM software is designed for all law firms and comes with 24/7 client support.

Hybrid CRM software uses background checks for their employees to ensure that your data is safe by following two factors, such as dedicated security professionals monitoring security and authentication. Our Hybrid CRM software is infinitely scalable and easy to expand as you grow. We have put in several key measures when using our platform, so you can remain safe and ensure, your data is secured.

Our AI technology allows your working space safe and here are some of the tools we have in place.

  1. Our initial set-up is all done manually. We build the platform including the hosting platform and databases, so none of your data is shared with any businesses. Your pathway to the platform is different to all firms. So access to your server and platform is not exposed. 

  2. When you log in, you can change your password under the profile section and we ask that you do not use some common password. Our platform has been set with algorithms to ensure your password must contain characters to present unauthorised access. 

  3. Live monitoring of your platform can be done by you as an admin user only. 

  4. Admin users can see which IP addresses are accessed and which profile users. This allows you to control who is able to access the platform.

  5. Admin users can ban IP addresses to ensure there is no outside access. 

  6. Admin users can block users if they believe the account has been compromised. 

  7. Our developers do not have access to your platform or system. When there is a need for technical support, we run controlled access, so your client data are not exposed. How we do this, cannot be disclosed to prevent misuse. 

Our Ethics Committee monitors our process and how our platforms are managed. We continue to build measures in place, so your platform is kept secured and you can feel safe that no one can have access to your customer data. 

We hope the above gives you a guide to follow, to ensure you keep your business, your colleagues and your brand safe. Get a free trial on our Hybrid Legal CRM by clicking here and you can read more about the solutions here. 

Thank you.
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