Hybrid CRM Webinars and Legal and Business Platforms | Hosted by Tech ICS

Our webinars are live and designed to help and provide information related to our platforms. It helps you make a sensible decision when deciding to subscribe to our platforms. This invites only, and you can request an invitation by emailing us at info@techics.com, or you can complete our contact form by clicking here. There is no charge to join any of our webinars. It's completely free. 

In our webinar, we explain some of the important functions and features within the platform so that when you get trial access to the platform, you will have the basic knowledge of how to use the system. We understand that our clients may have experience in using other platforms, so using our Hybrid CRM is easier than most application platforms in the market. 

The platform comes with a number of dynamic features, so you would be able to customize a number of the viewings to suit your business requirements. You can speak to our friendly team on 0207 237 3388 (option 2). Our values and ethics make us different from most companies as a business. As we are not a company geared to push sales, we love building our client relationship and working in your client's interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we are asked on the webinar. After the webinar, please feel free to email us any questions, or you can give us a call on 0207 237 3388, option 2. 

1. How long is the webinar? Our webinar usually lasts around 20 mins. We understand that our clients have a busy schedule, so we start on time and endeavour to finish on time. 

2. Can I chat with the host during the webinar? Yes, you can send your questions. However, based on the number of audiences, we limit this and answer all questions after the session. 

3. How many platforms do you offer? We have 2 available, and we constantly are developing both features and integrations. One is the Legal CRM, and more details, including pricing, can be found by clicking here

4. Do you have annual pre-paid plans? Yes, you will be able to save up to 40% of the monthly plans based on annual plans and also based on the number of users. We have a fair and balanced algorithm when calculating the plans to ensure we are fair and transparent to all our customers. 

5. Do you offer training and support after we subscribe? Yes. We provide training as and when required. Our support page www.support.techics.com is updated with videos, articles and other useful information. 

6. Can your platform be integrated into our systems including financial & billings? Yes, almost all platforms can be integrated into ours. We use the latest technology and always upgrade our coding & platforms. 

7. Is your platforms secure to ensure it is compliant with GDPR policy? Yes, we manage and monitor all networks. Our cloud servers run automated security to reduce complexity, prevent human error, and lower costs with automated patching. We have a wealth of experience in securing data and applications. Through this, we build trust and protect all valuable data in our secured platforms by always conducting user assessments, activity auditing & sensitive data discovery.

8. Why is there a fee to set up the platform? We build your platform within our servers. Your data is not shared with any other legal firms, unlike other providers. A platform is created within our cloud servers, including databases and file directories, to ensure your data is not shared. 

9. Do you have a SaaS agreement? Yes, we will provide a full agreement, which sets out our business terms. There are no hidden details, as we would like to be transparent in our client relationship. 


We are optimists who love to work together.

Getting started with us is simple. Start a free trial, experience how our platform can help your business grow and if you wish to subscribe, we love to have you on-board. We dont believe in hard-sales call, so you can call our team on 0207 237 3388 or email us at info@techics.com.

Our team is to help your business grow, subscribe to the right services with us, as we love building relationship with our customers. 

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