What’s sets us different to other Legal CRM’s

Interesting topic to start with. Our founders have been part of the legal industry for the last 2 decades and what’s sets them apart is the passion for growth and this helps us as a business.

In recent years, there has been a shift in how law firms view the client market. Here are some of the key changes that have taken place:

  1. Increased focus on client experience. Law firms are increasingly recognising the importance of delivering a positive client experience. This includes everything from clear communication and responsiveness to leveraging technology to provide a more seamless experience for clients.

  2. Emphasis on industry-specific expertise. Many law firms are focusing on developing deep expertise in specific industries or practice areas. By understanding the unique needs and challenges of clients in these industries, law firms can provide more targeted and effective legal services.

  3. Greater use of technology. Law firms are adopting new technologies such as legal CRM systems, document automation tools, and e-billing platforms to streamline operations and improve client service.

  4. Shift towards value-based billing. Traditionally, law firms billed clients based on the number of hours worked. However, there is a growing trend towards value-based billing, which focuses on delivering measurable value to clients rather than simply providing legal services.

  5. Focus on data analytics: Law firms are using data analytics to better understand client needs and preferences, as well as to measure the effectiveness of their services. This can help firms to make more informed decisions about how to best serve their clients and optimize their operations.

Overall, law firms are becoming more client-centric, focusing on delivering a positive client experience, leveraging technology to improve operations and service, and adopting new billing models that prioritize value over hours worked. 

By doing so, law firms can better meet the evolving needs and expectations of their clients, and drive growth and success in an increasingly competitive legal landscape.

New customer journey with Hybrid Legal CRM

A Hybrid Legal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) combines the benefits of a traditional CRM system with the specific needs of a law firm or legal organisation. It does things that matters to Lawyers and their colleagues. 

The driving force of the new modern law firm is to combine leads, sales, marketing and then the legal compliance, all in one place. There are firms that we work with, had to use numerous tools to navigate their teams and collaborate at one place.

We know that one of the most used communication platform is emails and client’s sending documents are time consuming exercise. On our Hybrid Legal CRM, our AI driven platform identifies the legal matter, lets you respond to the email, add to the log and save documents, less than 1 minute. 

Here are some ways in which a Hybrid Legal CRM may differ from a standard CRM:

  1. Customisation for legal processes. Our Hybrid Legal CRM is designed to meet the unique needs of a legal organisation. It is often customised to fit the specific processes and workflows used by the firm, such as managing case information, tracking time and billing, and managing client communication.

  2. Integration with legal tools. Hybrid Legal CRM allows you to integrate with other legal tools such as document management systems, time-tracking software, and billing systems. This allows for seamless information sharing and reduces the need for manual data entry.

  3. Compliance with legal regulations, such as SRA, Bar Council, OISC and other legal bodies. Legal organisations must adhere to strict regulations around data privacy and security. Hybrid Legal CRM includes client portals, encryption, and audit trails to ensure compliance with these regulations.

  4. Collaboration and communication. Hybrid Legal CRM can facilitate communication and collaboration among team members within a firm. It has features such as shared calendars, task management tools, and team messaging to improve communication and streamline workflows.

Overall, Hybrid Legal CRM is designed to address the unique needs and challenges of legal organisations, while still providing the key benefits of a traditional CRM system such as improved efficiency, better client management, and increased revenue.

Benefits of our Hybrid Legal CRM with your email accounts

We cannot live without emails and communication is a key method between enterprises and their clients. 

Email communication is an important aspect of any legal CRM system, as it enables lawyers and legal professionals to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders. 

Here are some key features of the Hybrid Legal CRM when it comes to email communication:

  1. Its simply so easy to use and integrate your emails into the platform. 
  2. Email accounts such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and other email clients to ensure that all email communication is captured and tracked in the system.
  3. Choose email signatures and who sees what email accounts. Security at its highest. 

Through our email platform, we have created the email automations, so that you can build workflows, streamline communication, reducing the amount of manual effort required to keep clients informed and up to date.

For example, Hybrid Legal CRM automatically sends an email to a client when a new case is opened, or when a milestone is reached in the case.

Imagine the world of possibility through the brilliance of AI and our Hybrid Legal CRM. If we could reduce 10 calls a day, that is happy customers and reduction of 300 calls a month. That is just a start and we put this into a test within a law firm. 10% reduction in calls and happy customers. 

Email templates and making it personal is something that all firms need and also for the customers to feel valued. The ability to customise email templates, signatures, and branding can help to create a consistent and professional image for the law firm.

We know that security is paramount when it comes to email communication on a legal CRM. The system includes robust security features such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and data backups to protect against data breaches and other security threats.

Our clients trust us, so compliance is vital. Legal professionals are subject to strict regulations around data privacy and security, and email communication must comply with these regulations.

Our Hybrid Legal CRM includes features such as audit trails, data retention policies, and other compliance measures to ensure that email communication is managed in a compliant manner.

In summary, Hybrid Legal CRM brings about the change in the way in which law firms adapt to the challenging market. Our combination of innovation and technology, lets law firms embracing technology and innovation to improve service delivery and differentiate themselves in the market.

This includes using tools such as AI and automation to streamline processes, developing new service offerings and delivery models, and adopting digital marketing strategies to reach clients more effectively.


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