Combining sales & marketing in Hybrid Legal CRM to help grow your law firm

When it comes to a complete Legal CRM platform, then Hybrid Legal CRM is one of those & we continue to build our platform, to make it better. The platform combines sales, marketing and legal case management platform in one place. 

We know that working with our clients that managing their client’s leads are funnelled into the right channels and that a client matter is dealt with promptness. 

Whether you a sole practitioner, medium or large scaled law firms, understanding your client’s approach to legal matters and what creates the trigger this, is an important element to understanding on growth. 

How does Hybrid Legal CRM differ to others?

Well, we cannot sit and say there is only one of us or there is a few, our customers are open to see products that could help their business move to the next. 

One thing that does set us apart from most of the providers, is that our product and innovation team includes legal professionals, lawyers and counsels because its them being the end-user and ultimately using to make something that works well.

The market is full of products that really does not understand the end-users and it’s a shame that the amount of investment that are made, the product is not market fit. 

Time and its importance

We know that time is so crucial to everyone, and most importantly to your clients and you. Hybrid Legal CRM focusses in reducing time spent on matters and build around machine learning and automations. 

So how does Hybrid Legal CRM work in engagement process?

Our platform understands that once a client makes contact with a law firm, the process of taking important information and then understanding what is required is essential.

To create a new matter is simple, takes less than 2 minutes and you can use pre-defined templates to reduce customer in-takes. 

You can then build follow-up calls, send re-defined emails and build on automations, all to reduce the time spent on a matter that is not needed. 

The value we bring is to allow legal professionals to focus on their legal matter and their client’s, so they can spend time in things that matters. 

Communication and how that works

Both the firm’s colleagues and clients are able to use interactive chat platform to communicate, so that it improves communication and keeps both the firm & clients engaged. 

Interplay between lead generation and legal case management

Hybrid Legal CRM allows you to move from one space to another without comprising your compliance with your regulatory bodies. We know that regulatory bodies need to make sure that the client matter had been handled with a duty of care and sense of responsibility.

In one space, you would be able to navigate to booking consultations to adding case notes, and then generating your client care letter. All linked to both shared and personal dashboard, so that important tasks are always notified to you. 

Our platform understands that a law firm, will deal with typical hundreds or even thousands matter per week, so the scalability is there and running on high volume data is what Hybrid Legal CRM offers. 

Matter workspace

Our matter workspace is the supporting function to help law firms manage their matter, in one place. 

You are able to build a matter, create evidence lists, create documents and then do case researches including application forms for matters that you need to complete on a day to day basis. 

The ability to important application forms, guidance and interactive case research, helps you to be more organised and able to import this into the matter. You can also build folders and save documents relevant to the matter. 

Hybrid Legal CRM is a working platform, that does really make life easier and better. 

Being different to our approach

Hybrid Legal CRM brings in the novelty of a product but our approach is working on a systematic way of how a CRM is used and what is needed on a regular basis.

We bring in automations, workflows and checklists, with share case matter, are some of the new innovations, simply to make life easier and better. 

Taking a free trial

We open our space through free product demo and also free trial, as we know practice managers and business owners, need time to look through our platform. Fully automated access


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