Working hybrid through our Hybrid Legal CRM

We know how global workforce have changed in the way we work and how we engage with our customers. There is now an acceptance that both customer and employees understand that remote work is fine. 

A first step towards experimenting hybrid model is important for any firm to adapt the change which is very beneficial for the welfare. Well talking about BENEFITS of legal practice management software and hybrid models, recent research from American Bar Association shows that 76% of lawyers are in favor of remote or hybrid working models while 30% of them disagrees.

The major reason lawyers agree to adapt this model was due to the pandemic as there was no other option except to adapt this change. By adapting to the new ways of working, firsm were able to see an increased productivity, work life-balance, work-force demand, and client satisfaction. 

We at Tech ICS are a firm believer in technological changes and our products such as the Hybrid Legal CRM, helped our clients to adapt to this change and be able to work & engage with their clients through our platform. 

Cloud based legal case management platforms such as the Hybrid Legal CRM, increased productivity by managing leads, funnel in customers to the right channels, engage Lawyers who are capable of undertaking the work and build workflows, to manage the legal workspace.

Lawyers truly had wings to fly which meant they can easily work from any corner of the world with work life balance and at the same time, managing their client's needs. 

In contrast, there has been firms including employees not considering this change. Change can be disruptive to businesses. There are few things which is a major concern for law firms, however rest assured, Hybrid Legal CRM meets all those challenges: 

  • Compliance and security risks.

  • Training for new staff and how to get them onboard. 

  • Effectively managing staff. 

  • Collaboration with departments.

  • Culture of the workplace. 

Its important to note that working from home at first was great, however this is going to change slowly. Most global enterprises

it will pull teams together into offices eventually, however what technology have done now was to improve on how a client's legal matter is being managed.

Hybrid Legal CRM is to help and streamline on how we manage our firm, our colleagues and our clients. 

These seem to be problem and concern for many law firms but every problem has a solution and here are some technical solution which can be adapted to avoid the problems.

For example, Hybird Legal CRM gives all the security from the point of entry to the platform to the engagement cycle to client management.

Our data encryption helps to easily perform some functions like e-signing, bill management, online payments without having any risks. Through the workflows and workspaces, both firms and their client's can be assured on their data & files being secured. 

Through our Hybrid Legal CRM, Tech ICS vision is to create and enhance their platform to give all end-users the experience of how technology can make a difference to how legal services are delivered. 


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