Simple but intuitive. Hybrid Legal CRM

We understand that our customers find themselves confused as there are a number of CRM platforms available including Google CRM's but here are some of the difference that our platform have, that other’s do not offer and we are proud to be different.

We as Tech ICS provide a one stop solution platform where you all can customize our platform from logo’s, to company name, to client references to much more, allowing you to build the platform.

Unlike other platforms, on each part of the system you can make changes, there is a write button, allowing you to click and make changes without spending time on checking where to make the changes.

The four most important things which makes us different are as follows:

Our Lead Generation unlike other providers is built into our platform

  • Its easy to use and can be customized from logo’s to billings to how you wish to record your matter.

  • Billings and financial reporting is an essential part of our platform. You can see the features within our platform from fee earners, to hourly, fixed costs and legal aid/public funding work. Our platform truly supports all types of businesses.

  • We continuously look to improve our platform, so you don’t need to worry about keeping updated.

  • Hybrid Legal CRM lets you create a matter, route to the correct Lawyer, schedule a consultation or meetings, use call backs to never a miss a client call, and send automated emails using template system. Legal matters are mission critical, so contacting your client before they do helps build trust and relationship. We know that there are a number of Legal CRM providers, so we will support in your data migration and use industry-led experience in helping you migrate.

Commercially it would be inconceivable to lose this data and re-keying it is not practical.

  • Ongoing cases will have information including bills, disbursements, monies held on client account, time recording, document history etc.

  • In addition to all current live matters and clients, there is a myriad of historical information and the firm’s day-to-day nominal ledger and management accounting information.

Security & compliance

  • Fully GDPR & SRA Compliance.

  • Trust a data processor that provides the tools and customer support to help law firms meet their responsibilities as data controllers.

  • Exceptional Customer Care. We provide personalised training and support 7 days a week.

  • Endorsed & Approved. Approved supplier of the Law Society & Legal500.

System attributes and what it can do for your firm

  • Our dashboards ranges from lead generation, to firms billings to tasks, scheduled meetings and calendars.

  • Allows you to create timesheet, simplify time recording and billing for your Clients. The dashboards allow you and your firm to set targets, look at income generation and also income details from partners within your firm.

  • You can allow team collaboration with other Lawyers within the team. You would be able to store and access files, across all your devices, as your data is stored in our cloud storage.

  • Allows you to manage all legal matters, and be able to use our dynamic tools to add fields/information you require you to manage your firm.

  • After that step case file is made. 

  • You can schedule consultations, meetings, arrange critical task, schedule using our dynamic calendars and manage client cases through our system.

Hybrid Legal CRM is a system created for something you will use on a regular basis and a system that really does work well within all practices. Take a free trial from us and experience how our platform can make a difference to your firm. 


We are optimists who love to work together.

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