Email integration with Hybrid Legal CRM

Email integration into a CRM is a key requirement. Our new innovative tool to help our customers is the ability to allow them to add any email mailbox type into our Hybrid Legal CRM.

At Tech ICS, we believe in building platforms that makes a difference to our community. 

The purpose was to create flexibility and improve how our customers, notably our legal professionals save time by allowing them to respond to the emails, add them into the matter communication, save the attachments and add their billable time, within minutes, without the need to navigate anywhere else.

We speak regularly with our legal professionals, to understand what will make their life easier and on average, most lawyers spend anything between 4-6 hours per day on emails.

Most of the emails that they deal with are their clients who need advice and explanations, and whilst the response time cannot be made easier, the compliance and reporting into the CRM can be. 

Hybrid Legal CRM has developed the product to streamline how quick an email can be replied to, saved and billed. If the email is not to be billed, then you don’t complete this and allow the email to be saved into the matter, that simple.

When we added this feature, almost all the legal professionals have given us strong feedback and now saying it saved them on average 2 hours per day.

That equates to 14 hours per week, as most lawyers work 7 days a week and 56 hours per month. Our research has confirmed that it is beyond this and some of the feedback was simply astonishing. 

Learning more about the difference between email integration & email marketing

On Hybrid Legal CRM, you can send individual emails to your client or send bulk emails, also referred to as email marketing. 
What we have created on our platform is the ability to have multiple email accounts and let them be managed.

Most CRM users will have an email client such as Outlook to manage their emails and will work between the CRM & their mail client to manage their daily workflow.

Hybrid Legal CRM makes our customer’s life simple. You will be able to add your email account in 1 place. The matter and the emails are managed through our AI-built platform.

You can as an admin to the Hybrid Legal CRM, automatically add email accounts for certain CRM users, making sure the right customer is channelled to the right people. 

Further to this, Hybrid Legal CRM allows you to create email automation, so emails are sent at intervals which build on customer interaction and depending on the reaction of each email by the customer, it would send the next instance of an email. 

Triggering sales channel through email management and workflow

Whether you are running a law firm or professional services, a CRM helps your business to manage the customer sales funnel. It improves customer service delivery. When a customer makes an enquiry to your firm, how the customer is channelled through your firm is important. 

When we discuss the business process with CEOs, Director, Practice Managers and Office Managers on understanding their lead metrics, most of them do not realise how much sales are lost through an unworkable sales funnel. 

Hybrid Legal CRM does things differently. We combine sales, lead management and matter management in one place. Bringing email management to the platform makes the platform better and more powerful, moving leads and matter management quicker. This improves customer service delivery and profitability. 

Some frequently asked questions

We have put together some important questions regarding our Hybrid Legal CRM. 

Can you send emails from Hybrid Legal CRM?

Yes, you can. Once you have integrated your email mailbox whether that is Outlook, your domain email or Gmail, you can send and receive an email on our platform. Our CRM platform lets you reply to the email, send an email and have all your email managed. Once an email is replied to, it would simply move to the inbox archive, so you would be able to manage your mailbox. 

What is integration with CRM?

The purpose of integration is to connect your email account or mail account to the CRM. Using Hybrid Legal CRM, you will be able to do this quite simply. You will go to the email dashboard, click to add an email account and enter the account details.

It would integrate your mailbox with very little technical knowledge. You can also add your mailbox from the settings page so that any emails sent through Hybrid Legal CRM, are sent from the email account.

Hybrid Legal CRM will host, manage and integrate into the matter so that you don’t need to navigate anywhere else and have one central function to manage the most important communication method and that is emails.

How can a CRM help in managing customer emails?

When a customer email is sent, on the Hybrid Legal CRM platform, the email address is then linked to the matter and would automatically identify their customer reference, thus saving tremendous time.

Once the CRM user goes to respond to the email, it adds to the communication records on the matter, saving your reply and documents. 

What is the role that CRM systems play in any successful email campaign?

Email is the most used communication platform and as we continue to depend on technology, paper documents will become void. Email is a quick and free communication method. This also creates unnecessary work for legal professionals, as in most cases, around 20% off emails could be resolved by a simple call, saving time.

We know that some businesses have adopted a no-email customer management. This means, the business wants you to contact them and let them deal with the matter. This improves customer delivery and creates a more personal relationship. 

What is the difference between Hybrid Legal CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, Clio, Leap, Pipedrive and other CRM providers?

Well, Hybrid Legal CRM is one platform, which means, you don’t need to integrate or have an API (application programming interface). You simply add an email account, username and password.

Platforms such as Salesforce, require you to purchase add-ons which is a further expense and more customisation.

Most of our customers who come to us say our platform is simple and quick to adapt and use. It does not need a software engineer to integrate any technical aspect of your mail account. 

Best CRM with the best email integration?

Hybrid Legal CRM is the most innovative solution to manage your email account with your legal matter. Our platform unlike other CRM providers such as Clio and Leap, does not permit you to take a CRM platform user into a series of events to complete an email action. 

What is the ROI of having an email platform added to Hybrid Legal CRM?

It saves time and lets your professionals concentrate on things that matter. Building a more personalised relationship with your customer helps to bring customer retention. Spending less time on email management will free time to build customer service and also profitability. Hybrid Legal CRM saves on average 56 hours per person per month. 

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