Email automation and machine learning through AI

In today’s world, we see automation as the key to driving continuity and building on customer success. As we learn post covid about the impact people can make on a business, customers in service-oriented businesses always seek to deal with a human instead of a bot service.

Whilst that in mind, all legal CRM attempts to drive efficiency and what we do different at Tech ICS, is our legal case management platform (CRM) drives efficiency where it matters.  So when sending a tailored email, we empower our users to do that and we deliver through carefully planned templates.

Hybrid Legal CRM places our platform subscribers with their customers in a combined complete client & data-driven. This means both our subscribers and their customers experience the great customer care they need. Legal matters can be challenging regardless of the spectrum of law, so Hybrid Legal CRM brings real-time automation, as this is a fast-paced environment. Through our machine learning platform, you will be able to engage in understanding your customer’s behaviour, learn more about their triggers and how traction can deliver efficiency and opportunity lead for your sales team.

Storing data and being able to share, allows your business and your team to learn more about your customers. You may ask the question, how can email automation and machine learning help? First, it would help to identify what are critical matters to deal with and at what pace. Then able to direct legal enquiries to the right colleague at the right time. Through Hybrid Legal CRM, you can book meetings to ensure that customer care is being given.

Let’s learn more about what email automation is and the boundaries of CRM?

Email automation is created for the purpose to send an email in a sequence, based on user interactions. This may occur at different intervals of their buying cycle or when the legal matter is managed through the legal CRM.

In Hybrid Legal CRM, you can build a different sequence of emails with automated templates, to send emails at different buying cycles. The customer is also able to navigate through that email automation. How so? Well, when they make a series of connections through email automation, the system through machine learning, understands what the buyer wishes to do. For example, after they have contacted your firm, they may decide after a week to respond to an email sent through email automation and begin a legal process.

Hybrid Legal CRM will end that process within this email automation cycle once the customer engages in a different process. The platform user is also able to navigate or even set up new email automation. It becomes then customer-centric rather than the entire customer in your system all being sent the same emails. I am sure your customer who has engaged you, would not want an email to speak about new services.

What is email marketing automation?

This is completely different and runs in a different mode of process. An email marketing solution does not work the same as email automation within Hybrid Legal CRM.

Its process depends on a number of changes in the customer’s legal process which includes matters being managed at different stages, for example, a legal matter can be in an application stage or a court process.

Hybrid Legal email automation is a series of events based on the customer's legal journey. An email marketing platform may be able to achieve this but one major difference is that it is all within the Hybrid Legal CRM and as a platform user, you do not need to navigate out of it.

How to create email automation within Hybrid Legal CRM?

It’s a simple process and our support website contains a series of information including videos on how to use the platform. In short, you will create a template for the email. Then you will go to the mapping tool, where you can place the journey of a customer. If the customer does not respond at a stage, it would end at that process unless it creates a trigger.

Can email automation work with Outlook and Gmail accounts?

In most cases, yes. Emails sent from the mail server will get delivered to the Outlook or Gmail accounts of your customers. Where you're using those accounts for the firm, this can also work and configuration of your mail account into the Hybrid Legal CRM must be done.

Is workflow email automation the same as your email automation?

This is not the same. The Hybrid Legal CRM comes with a workflow for your team and works through pipelines similar to what sales and marketing would be using. The platform users within your firm would manage this based on what stages the customer is on. For example, if the form is dealing with a legal matter, then you would place this on the matter workflow and it would take the platform user, namely a legal professional through a series of checklists to make sure of legal compliance, all has been done. As with all firms, you may wish to add further tasks and checks. This is possible by changing the workflow in your settings tab.

What’s the difference between Hybrid Legal CRM and other platforms like MailChimp?

One platform use is what Hybrid Legal CRM set’s out. The idea to have 2 platforms running can create confusion among the team as well as how to manage this. Whilst email marketing solutions like MailChimp and others can become a supportive tool, its idea with Hybrid Legal CRM is far different.

In a matter, you are able to create bespoke email automation and as much as there is machine learning, a legal matter must be handled with a duty of care. This means, a customer cannot be part of a larger email cycle but more based on their needs. If your customer starts to receive details of something different, in legal, this creates an issue and the customer may lose that trust you have tried ever so hard to build.


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