How to choose the right legal CRM for your law firm

How to choose the right legal CRM for your law firm

As we discuss this topic, this is one of the key questions that we are asked when we advise on platforms that can fit into an enterprise. We know that all businesses on their conduct and operations are different.

Our platform Hybrid Legal CRM was created by lawyers for lawyers. So the platform was not designed nor was the concept built by non-legal professionals. It is this, that makes Hybrid Legal CRM different and better.

Our ethos is to be different, but we have one goal, to become profitable and deliver great customer service. This is our identity in our business model where we adapt to change and our customer’s behaviour. However, one important element that is true for all legal professionals, is that we always strive to do our best. At the same time, we need a legal client relationship management (CRM) platform to help us deliver this. In all platforms, learning how it works is important, so onboarding and help guides are key essentials.

Choosing the right legal CRM is one of the most difficult decisions that most directors, office managers or practice managers must make. Delivering this to their colleagues is the next big hurdle, as we find change difficult to sometimes take onboard.

A few do get themselves confused about what a CRM platform is and compares sometimes it to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. In reference to an ERP, this is more financial and human resources management. A CRM focus is more to do with the customer and is driven by sales & customer services. In our case, this would include legal professionals. A CRM is the front office of a business, whether that is a legal enterprise or not, it helps to drive customer retention and ensures there is a business process in place to manage an end-to-end process of a customer journey.

In most of the CRM platforms including our Hybrid Legal CRM, you can integrate your financial platform into this, getting all your transactional data fed into your accounting software such as Xero or anything financial tools.

One of the benefits of using Hybrid Legal CRM is that we can integrate into any platforms you want to as long as the provider has an API, which is an application program interface. It’s simple to plug their software into ours. Data including financial information are then fed into the accounting software, helping your accountants to have real-time data.

The Hybrid Legal CRM does have a number of accounting features including the billing, income received and the accounts page, showing the funds being received.

Migration and moving from one legal CRM to another?

This is possible on almost all platforms you may be on and migrating over to Hybrid Legal CRM. Our technical team will be able to move your data across our platform.

One thing to be assured of is that there will be no data loss but as you would appreciate, all legal CRM have in most cases some different fields, so all data on our platform will be available on our activity log-in date order.

We will talk you through this migration process, keeping your data secured at all times and ensuring all files/data are moved without any issues.

Hybrid Legal CRM, is it compliant with SRA, Bar Council & OISC including other professional bodies?

We are, our Hybrid Legal CRM meets all the compliance requirements and ensures that a law firm records the end-to-end transactions of a legal matter.

From taking initial notes on client care letter to managing the transactions and their legal issue, auditors would be confident to see a complete management platform in one space.

We have created a matter workspace which includes the storage of documents, up-to-date application forms and a real-time legal database to help you manage your client’s legal matter.

Onboarding and training on the Hybrid Legal CRM

Helping our customers on the Hybrid Legal CRM to learn more about our platform and how to use it, is our process of onboarding. We provide training, advice and continuous help. The success of our platform is based on usage, as we aim to make a difference to your business and customers. Our support platform includes useful videos and information to help you.

Customise the platform, can this be done on a legal CRM including Hybrid Legal CRM?

As we spoke earlier that all businesses intend to be different and they want to feel that when they log in to their platform, this is there’s.

On our Hybrid Legal CRM, you would be able to customise your logo, the fields, client reference numbers, and templates and connect your email accounts.

This creates an identity for your platform and helps to build your brand.

Learn more about how Hybrid Legal CRM works.

If you access the CRM system for the first time, you have to log in to the platform using secure details with your username & password. Hybrid Legal CRM platform allows you to change your profile details which include changing your firm's name.

We advise that once you login, you can change your password and can do this on the right-hand side of your Hybrid Legal CRM screen. Only administrators will have access to your platform but all is tracked through activity streams. For security reasons, all actions or access are monitored. We also don’t share your platform or your database with any other forms, so all our platform build is manual.

Get to create a new legal matter, so you can understand the journey from the point of contact a customer makes to instructing your firm. One of the easiest and coolest things about Hybrid Legal CRM is how quick you can get a customer registered, and with the templating system, it does not take time.

You can then click to customise almost all of the features and drop downs to templates. Template building is a great tool, which includes sending emails, quick emails, activity log or adding a new customer to your platform.

Connect your email accounts and reply through the platform. Add your email signatures. The system is a complete end-to-end solution.

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