What is a CRM? Customer Relationship Management

What is a CRM?

A CRM is a customer relationship management system that enables an organisation to centralise processes ensuring they are streamlined for succeeding in actions.

With the most beneficial systems, a CRM enables an organisation from institutions, schools, non-profits, and businesses to structure practices ensuring all stakeholders receive the end result on the product or services being administered.

CRM’s having cloud-based structures enable remote working just as a workforce from the office.

How does a CRM work?

A CRM becomes the central hub of an organisation, with unifying practices between the workforce and the customer interaction. This can conduct activities for nearly every part of an organisation enabling key data collections to ensure the business achieves targets and most importantly aligns the workforce in a positive direction.

CRM’s traditionally now cover many function, at Tech ICS our Hybrid CRM works to manage multiple functions, keeping users end to end engaged with an organisation,

  1. Collection of customer/individual data for record keeping.

  2. Contact or Follow ups to enable continued contact on channelling sales, including meeting/calendar management.

  3. Key Report searches to assess correspondences, marketing campaigns, sales overview.

  4. Data and/or File Storage allowing access globally.

Note the Hybrid CRM has automation functionality that works to maintain customer relationships over time, that management teams can set up. This can work for one to a thousand customers with one simple process setting.

In today’s market having a good relationship with the end user of your product or service is key for business development. The CRM would provide a detailed analysis of product or service demands followingly allowing an organisation to innovate and generate products and/or services aligned with market needs and beyond.

Why do we need a CRM, What we do works?

One thing we have learnt over the last two decades is that technology enables organisations to function at scale. A CRM provides scope for a business or institution to segment its activities and create success stories in each and every aspect.

Also, to note, we did face the pandemic with COVID-19. This proved that remote working, and global connectivity can be made possible with a user-friendly CRM. A CRM provides functions to being conducted and updated in real-time so no organisation function is slowed down. The Hybrid CRM, Tech ICS Platform is an end-to-end solution that administers daily activities so that the workforce spends more time with customers.

Having a functional CRM that you can align your business functions allows for sustainability and continued development. This is an investment for the future of an organisation.

Benefits of having a CRM

We appreciate the market now offers a number of options, however we see this as a positive where you can choose what fits for you and your business.

Hybrid CRM from Tech ICS is our tool that is an improved CRM that continues to innovate new functions to keeping you ahead of the game, synchronising key data giving real-time solutions.

To us the two most important solutions of having a CRM within your organisation is to maximise customer engagement, and second to minimise errors. Hybrid CRM from Tech ICS really works to pool together your entire business and create a daily platform to keep contact, and provide a sense of responsibility.

Now being cloud-based there is no system set up, neither large organisational cost, simply having internet, and a standard laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone keeps you on top.

  • Security is the upmost when using online, our servers are dedicated with enterprise graded security features.

  • Access anywhere anytime, even if your half way around the world, away from your desk.

  • Lower costs.

  • Improve investment returns, and have a more managed approach to growing the organisation.

In summary the world of business is ever-changing, now common interests can be accessed globally, products or services can be offered anywhere. As an organisation it becomes imperative for yourselves to meet customer demands.

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