Lead Generation and Hybrid Legal CRM Workflows

What is Lead Generation?

Before taking any steps, we need to be aware of the lead generation process. Basically, lead generation is the process of creating interest in a company's brand, services, and products by using online marketing strategies like email marketing, online advertising, and others. 

The lead generation process is one of the easiest and most crucial ways for business owners who offer business to customer and business to business services. Basically, the industry is growing up in the online marketplace. As a result, most companies are using online platforms to boost their brand promotion, products, and services. 

In this case, if you use software, then it will be very easy to get success and make a better relationship with the customers. We know well there are several business categories and use software to complete their task within a specific time and easily reach thousands of customers. In this case, you can use CRM software that can help to boost your business in several ways. 

CRM is the customer relationship management software, and it is designed to build a better relationship with clients by managing some crucial tasks. It is noted that there are different types of CRM software. You can use CRM software depending on your business requirements. But if you have a law firm, then there is no comparison to using Legal CRM software. 

Hybrid Legal CRM software promotes interaction to help law firms maintain relationships with potential clients. With data processing and report automation, lawyers can optimize their clients’ intentions and generate even greater profits through structured, simplified marketing campaigns. 

Hybrid Legal CRM Workflows  

The digital market is bringing new changes, and we know that since covid, a law firm’s online presence has become ever important. We have created unique but effective lead generation and Hybrid legal CRM workflows, which allow law firms to retain and analyse their legal enquiries.

A client’s lifecycle with your firm should be ever ending, which means once a matter is dealt with, you should be able to understand how opportunity lead can be generated. The niche of leaving a client to make a decision does not exist anymore.

Most clients are looking at the online market and seeing their opportunity to choose whom they want; is the market your firm would be competing. The Lead Generation and Hybrid Legal CRM Workflows manage and analyse the overall client lifecycle, which are steps that your firm, based on the legal areas you deal with, would need to follow.

This is the sale process prior to the client engaging with your firm. We have created the ability for you to manage this through our workflow management. Whether you are a small, medium, or large firm, your customer intake process is simplified through Hybrid Legal CRM workflow management and allows you to provide your customer’s better experience with your firm.

It helps you build efficiency within your team and allows you to understand the conversion rates of clients’ legal enquiries to engagement. When we speak to law firms who undertake a volume of work, average leakage of 22% of clients’ engagement is lost. Depending on your business volume of cases, that could amount to a very high percentage of revenue loss.

Our Lead Generation and Hybrid Legal CRM Workflows allow you to develop a process that your firm can follow. It allows you to analyse your marketing as well as how the client’s enquiries are managed.

We have put together a simple guide on understanding your customer intakes and how to build on lead generation. Once you have mastered this, building business continuity and using Hybrid Legal CRM will allow you to manage and analyse.

Lead Generation & Initial Contact

One of the key features of Hybrid Legal CRM is to understand how this client found your business. You will be able to understand what marketing tools works. We have created and built functions that allow you to record that data, which allows managers to analyse their marketing strategy.

The customer intake starts when the client makes contact, as they need help with their legal matter, and they need to feel comfortable with your business. The initial contact is very important and how this is managed.

There are several mistakes that are made in the customer intake process which means that the client lead is lost. Simple mistakes of not sending an email explaining how their process work, how a legal matter could be resolved and so forth. While this can be deemed a sale process, you cannot simply rely on the client to contact your firm.

Further to this, our timeline and workflow allow you to manage the lead so that the process is not slow, as this is what causes the loss of a client. Your firm’s conversion rate is then impacted, and this is the reason why the Hybrid Legal CRM workflow allows you to manage the customer intake process in a series of events. Customer service lead generation is the process of generating customer interest for a service or any product.

Lead generation service can manage to discover and qualify the clients for business needs. The Hybrid Legal CRM allows you to track the legal enquiries you take; it lets you record the basic details and manage this. If you are a sole trader, an Excel sheet may work, but once you start developing legal matters, your ability would be limited.

Being Available All the Time

Your customer experience is so vital, so Hybrid CRM is the best CRM software for law firms that comes with a client login, allowing them to see real-time data. They would be able to see and track their legal matters. Our platform reduces around 35% of your call if the platform is used to its fullest.

It is because, when you are dealing with the matter, you would be able to build matter statues, share notes and provide expected dates of completion. It allows your client to know their workflow of managing their legal matter.

Initial Meetings and Consultations for Legal Matter

Clients, in most cases, would need legal advice before they decide to embark on a legal process. They want to be assured that they can be helped. Our interactive modelling system lets you schedule meetings or consultations and assign them to the appropriate lawyer.

Hybrid Legal client relationship management software allows your admin colleagues to take down details of the matter, the type of help required, and whether your firm could assist them or not. It is quite vital and can be termed as a screening to avoid wasting valuable time on your lawyers.

Our platform allows you to input data and takes the relevant information so that it can be passed to the best person to make a deal. It avoids delays in the process for the client.

The meetings or consultations can be classed as the sales meeting, as your advice would determine whether the client is comfortable with the advice provided. Following this, you would be able to generate a report using the Hybrid Legal CRM and set out steps for the client to take. This allows them to feel secure in your legal advice.

As we work with the small, medium, and large law firms, we see a gulf of differences in how client matters are approached and using that knowledge, we incorporate those within our Hybrid Legal CRM.

We know that your time is precious, so we have created automated emails to be sent out. Once an enquiry is generated or the booking has been made, Hybrid Legal CRM will send out automatic emails. This saves time and gives the client confirmation without forgetting the meeting or the booked consultation.

Following up on Meetings and Creating Action Plans

Once the client has a meeting with the lawyer, it is ever vital that the matter is followed through as this is the customer intake process. Hybrid Legal CRM will allow you to create callbacks to follow-up calls to send generic emails and all tracked through the timeline automation.

This allows the customer intake process to be easier to follow. The clients feel valued when a matter is followed through and improves your customer delivery. It will improve your customer intake and turn those into leads that start the engagement process.

Drafting Legal Contracts or Client Care Letter

The CCL also referred to as the client care letter is the formal agreement between the firm and the client. It stops complaints and puts you as well as the client in a correct process, so both service and costs are agreed on.

Hybrid Legal CRM allows you to use a template or create a new agreement, putting together information to meet your legal compliance. Once sent, the client receives an email, and they would be able to see the agreement, which they can sign online on their client portal.

This helps speed the process of the agreement, and then you can email the next directions. It further reduces the burden on the customer to print, sign, scan, and upload the agreement, delaying your customer intake process.

Legal Case Management Process

A legal case management system or matter management is a subset of law practice management. It covers a wide range of technologies and approaches that courts and law firms use to methodologies and leverage knowledge for managing the lifecycle of legal matters or cases effectively. 

Basically, legal case management indicates the sophisticated workflow practice and information management tailored to meet the legal fields' specific needs and requirements. Once the client agrees and puts funds into your client account, Hybrid Legal CRM allows you to manage the legal process now and map out the process required to be followed.

Regulatory tabs to be completed with KYC checks to be done. In all legal matters, there are dates and important events, so you can schedule tasks on a calendar for meetings and other functions. The dynamic dashboard lets you manage important matters within your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions on Customer Intakes to Lead Generation

We have put together some questions useful to both our new platform users and existing customers.

How does your lead generation workflow work? We have created workflow management, so your firm users provide consistent delivery of services to your clients. Nothing is then missed.

Can you make changes to the workflow? The majority of the part can be changed. 

Does your platform meet regulatory requirements? Yes, it does. Customers use our platform across the globe. It meets the minimum standards that all law firms should follow.

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