Email Integrations and Email Services in Legal CRM

Today, emails are the most used or efficient way of communication. It works, makes things quicker, and creates more workloads that need to be simplified. Hybrid Legal CRM brings about changes and helps to save time. We need to look at saving time because the ratio is higher at the end of the month. Email integrations and email services in Legal CRM let you automatically capture your message to and from your contacts to your account activities. 

I have spoken to a number of law firms and lawyers; they tell us how much time they spend responding to emails. Don't get me wrong, emails are the best communication form, but we need to see how best it can be managed, as it conflicts with a lawyer's time in their work. The more time they are at their desk responding, the less time they are thinking and working on your matter.

Today, Lawyers and all professionals tell us that whilst email can be the most effective, it creates an ample load of work. They want to understand how artificial intelligence can help solve matters for a client. They need help, and Hybrid Legal is trying to help to make a change.

What is email integration? 

Email integration is the bonding of tools, systems, and software for a seamless process. Basically, email integration in CRM software automatically lets you capture your message to and from your contacts to your account activities. If once set up then if you exchange any information with your clients then it becomes recorded to the account timeline.

It is simple. Hybrid brings about a new change that allows you to bring everything into one place. We know there are tools that we must use, but email clients are the most software in a work area. We keep it up all the time because communication is vital. 

CRM email integration will let you automatically capture your messages to and from your contacts to your account activities. If you set it up first, any messages exchanged between your (CRM) legal client relationship management software users and your CRM contacts will be recorded to the account timeline. It is noted that you can send an email directly to your clients from our Hybrid legal CRM.

Communication through emails is quick and vital because it allows you and your clients to communicate to resolve a matter quickly. The usual writing letters and awaiting response is long gone. We know that, but it has now created more time-consuming tasks. Whilst digital platforms are here to solve and make you efficient. It has created more work for today's professionals.

While lawyers do not wish to stop advising their clients, they want to know how best smaller issues can be solved without the lawyer's intervention. It means your lawyer can spend more time preparing for your legal matter than responding to emails that eat away their time.

We have now started developing a tool using artificial intelligence to do this, and we are one of few platforms that allows you to integrate your emails directly into our platform. This means your email server will serve as a backup, and our CRM will extract data from the mail server to show the emails, so you link the email and documents into the client matter.

By doing this, we anticipate saving more than 2 hours of a person's time dealing with emails, saving the email, adding the time-log, and saving the documents. Each week you would save 10 hours, and that is 40 hours a month. Imagine how many of your colleagues sit in email mailboxes daily and the time spent.

Most firms have an average of 10 colleagues in their team, which is a saving of 400 hours a month. Think about how you can utilise that time to serve your customers better. As our platform grows, we will be enhancing our email integration software further, allowing you to build your own AI configuration within your Hybrid Legal CRM.

Real-time synchronisation with Hybrid Legal CRM

Your emails will come into your Hybrid Legal CRM platform in the dashboard, and you can break the emails into accounts or view all. It is all done in real-time, so you don't lose any emails, or there are no delays.

How to store your email attachments?

Whilst you are capturing your emails, you can save attachments into the client matter, and data storage is simple. Incoming emails can also be set up to create new cases, allocate a Case ID, or be mapped to existing cases.

Frequently asked questions on emails? 

We have put together some questions useful to both our new platform users and existing customers.

Can I integrate my domain emails into your platform? Yes, you can, almost all emails can be integrated, but you will need to have access to your DNS. Don't worry if you are not sure how to configure it, and our tech team can help solve this.

Can I import the email into the client matter? Yes, you can, and once done, your email will get archived so that you can utilise more time dealing with a matter than emails.

What happened if I delete the email from the CRM? There is no deletion, so emails get archived, and you can retrieve them back. The email that comes into your mail server is also available so that all emails would be automatically backed up.

Do you provide technical help whenever we need it? Yes, we do, and you can raise a ticket with our support team at If there are issues with your DNS or email account itself, we may be able to help, but we would need access.

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