Integrate all your applications in one place. Hybrid CMS.

Our integrated tools, allows you to improve your customer delivery & build modern productivity solutions that help your teams stay organised and connected.

Hybrid CMS, Customer Relations Management (CRM). Tomorrow’s Technology

  • We are now in a world of innovative developing technology, that constantly requires us to keep updated.
  • It is our disruptive competitiveness that leads to enhancing your business. Hybrid is to lead a new generation into building sustainable technologies that are compatible with other CRM’s for the integration of services. Hybrid brings it all together. Our vision is to create a one-stop solution, easy integrations, and sensible pricing, whether you are a small business to larger business enterprises.
  • What is Hybrid, a fully managed service tool, for both you and your customers? It has never been so much more important, with the price being so competitive, businesses now need to seek to go the extra step and create personal relationships with all their stakeholders, and this is enabled by Hybrid.

What makes HybridCMS unique?

A single, real-time platform for you & your team

  • The ability to manage a customer's journey from the start to the end, and then continuing that relationship., Hybrid CMS, allows simple collaboration within your team.
  • We know that most of us run so many applications to run our operations, with Hybrid CMS, this stops today.
  • Track progress and share the customer journey with your team using our automated reports and personally tailored dashboards, all in real-time.

We're here to help.

Hybrid C-Suite platforms allows you to manage the right audience, in the right environment, and measure the business performances through our platforms.

Through our training platforms, we will enable people to perform at their best with continuous learning which boosts productivity and deliver excellent customer journeys.

On-demand Knowledge Centre

We are constantly adding new videos, how to use guides and other tools to help you to use our software applications effectively.

Role-based access control

As an Enterprise, this will allow you to manage who sees what data and what level of access are granted. You will be able to create groups to ensure that there are no duplication of what you create.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is how our Hybrid platforms are created, to remove duplications, improve on automation, and improve the business performances. AI will help your Enterprise automate operations, drive innovation, and make smarter decisions securely.

Analytics data management

Our platforms use embedded machine learning which is always working & makes analysis of your data across your enterprise smarter and more accurate.

Hybrid permits you to gain comprehensive business intelligence with augmented analytics to help your enterprise grow through unique insights. By using our artificial intelligence technology within our platforms, it allows key decisions to be made using smarter predictions and better decisions.

Enterprise-grade security

Our cloud servers run automated security to reduce complexity, prevent human error, and lower cost with automated patching. We have wealth of experience in securing data and applications.

Through this we build trust and protect all valuable data in our secured platforms by always conducting user assessments, activity auditing & sensitive data discovery.

Innovative solutions

By bringing in innovative solutions and working with you, we are able to use our industry-led experiences to develop application platforms that will enhance in your customer deliveries. Our platforms allow you to integrate your systems into ours, improve on data collection and build flexible value chains.

This in return increases organisational agility, and keep your workforce engaged through collaborative tools, improved customer engagements & bring in effective engagement across every touchpoint.

Digital and online training

We provide #1 training and developments in using our platforms, to support your enterprise to fully use our cloud based applications. As our platforms are updated frequently with new and improved features, we update our knowledge centre with updated training videos and information.

Our dedicated help centre allows your enterprise teams to use our resources and dynamic systems to stay informed & use best industry experiences, whilst using our platforms. You can create a comprehensive training plan, choose from online courses and boost technology proficiency across your enterprise.

Hybrid. Powerful alone. Better together.

Hybrid offers a complete CRM platform with all the tools and integrations you need to grow better, whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, streamline customer service, or build a powerful website. They’re powerful alone, but even better when used together.

Hybrid offers a complete CRM platform with all the tools and integrations you need to grow better, whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, streamline customer service, or build a powerful website. They’re powerful alone, but even better when used together.

Immigration Firms Legal CMS

This application platform is designed for immigration firms. Our legal case management software, unlike other management software's, cover the start of a customer’s journey to the conclusion of their legal matter and continues to have tools to ensure the Client returns back for further legal help.

Features of the product

Full Legal CMS

This application is designed for any types of law firms, comes with a full integration centre and financial billings. It supports from small to multi-national law firms including worldwide legal matters.

Features of the CMS

Hybrid CMS

Our application allows you professional service businesses streamline projects, automate quoting and billing, optimise utilisation, which are some of the key benefits of the software application.

Hybrid CMS is the control hub for your business, allowing you to integrate applications and other tools in one place, managing all your business operations in one place.

Important features of the product

Free trial. No credit card required to subscribe.

You can try our Hybrid CMS for 14 days and do not need any credit card details to register. Click to read more details about the benefits that the application can bring to you.

Sell it. Do it. Bill it.

It's about time

Our Hybrid applications allows you to understand every aspect of both time and money. Our project planners will allow you to manage your teams worflow. Plan and prioritise your work, and avoid overlaps by distributing tasks with a drag-and-drop planners.

Manage your time efficiently with shared calendars, timesheets, and a built-in time tracker. Monitor billable and non-billable hours and ensure accountability for time spent on client work.

Project Management

Our project management tool is a real-time Gantt chart, letting your team to work within a project in real-time. Lets you track real-time progress, tasks, dependencies, events, and more in an always up-to-date view.

Adapt quickly and see how changes, delays, or logged hours impact your plans. Minimize manual updates and double-bookings, as changes automatically reflect on your team’s actual capacity.

Financial Management

Get a detailed overview of planned and completed activities, time spent and billed, income and expenses, allowing your business to work more efficiently. Track profitability in real time, compare budgets to actual results, forecast accurately, and keep margins on target.

You can speed up processes by turning quotes into assigned projects, tasks, and more in a few clicks. This would eliminate time-consuming repetition with the help of pre-set project templates and task bundles.

Sales management

Creating targets is vital to all types of enterprises and view of each customer including contact details, communication history, projects, files, quotes, and invoices. Keep track of all your deals and opportunities in real-time as you optimize deal velocity.

Dashboards and real-time reports

A complete overview of real-time results. Analyze processes, monitor risk areas, and create high-level reports in a single click. Track performance and KPIs, identify bottlenecks and opportunities, and plan for the future with real-time dashboards. No more delays and waiting for data to refresh – all reports and dashboards are displayed in real time.

Our customer stories

Hybrid CMS Full Plan will let you manage your business, from the start of their journey with you. Our platform allows you to manage your customers through a number of automation, helping you both grow and sustain your business.

Our tools are here to help your business manage and sustain its growth. We love helping you.